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The Lux of my life

Posted: March 5, 2014
By: Dr Steven Swindle

I thought a great name for this blog could be The "Lux" of my Life.  Now everyone knows that the Love of my life is my wife Wendy and our two amazing boys, Ty and Morgan.  
The Lux of my life is the Subluxation Complex.  This is the foundation of Chiropractic.  In the philosophy of Chiropractic that I was taught, Lux is a Greek word meaning "light".  The root of the word, "Sub" means, "less than or under", while "tion, or ation" means "the condition of".  So the true meaning of Subluxation is, "the condition of less light".  It suppresses your life force.  It decreases the quality of life.  It decreases the quantity of life.  That's right, Chiropractic was not founded on managing neck pain or low back pain.  Thank you, Lord!  If that were the case I might as well be handing out band-aids and pain pills.  Chiropractic is much more than that.  It is about restoring function where it has been lost.  It is about giving people their lives back.  It is about health care without toxicity and harmful side-effects.  It's about what I have heard from some patients recently:  I don't want to lose my job, I need to be able to take care of my children, I just want to be able to run again, I want to be able to play golf, I want to throw the baseball with my son, there's no one else who can run my business, or I have to take care of my ageing husband/wife.  That's what Chiropractic is to me.  

We are affected by light in other ways as well.  When we have sunlight stimulation on our foreheads, for example, our Pituitary glands produce Vitamin D3.  That helps keep us happy and healthy.  Even more cool than that is the research that has been done on cold laser therapy.  Scientists have been able to prove that cells have the ability to absorb photon energy from the light produced by the cold laser.  When the Mitochondria of the cell is exposed to this light source of photon energy, it in turn creates energy.  This energy in turn helps the healing and repair of the cell.  How amazing is it that there are cells deep in our bodies that have the ability to do something so powerful!  Light is vital to our vitality.
We all have been given gifts.  I was entrusted with the precious gift of locating and correcting areas of neurological interference in the spine that is preventing people from being happy and healthy.  What a blessing!
We fix the spine, God does the rest.  Isn't it time you experienced Life?