Positive Patient Evaluation Comments

"This has so far, been the BEST chiropractic experience I have received. Dr. Steve know my exact pain site and has been the only one so far to pin point it!  Nina 

"Great Atmosphere for care,"  Michael 

"Dr. Steve is courteous, caring and GENTLE! VERY INFORMATIVE!"  Jill

It is very evident that office staff & Dr. Steve have patient's best interest at heart!" Christine

"I have felt very comfortable right away here.  You have all excided my expectations.  I love that you provide treatment for kids."  Rachel

"I have less pain overall" Josh

"I love that everyone is so kind, and  Dr. Steve is very knowledgeable."  "Love the Christian music!"Barb

"Very Professional!  Very Caring!"  Dirk

Life Family Chiropractic is a very welcoming, informative, comfortable practice." Chrystal

"I would refer other people to Life Family Chiropractic Centres, because I have results and Dr. Steve and his staff are excellent!"  Lou 


"I have been to a few Chropractors...None have looked  into my needs with such care & knowledge!  This is the first time I feel like the adjustments are really making changes."


"The Office is Outstanding!"  Service is Your Motive"  John

This is a great atmosphere to be in.  I love the Christian music in the background. Very classy and professional! Mike

I give this chiropractic care center all excellent ratings and will refer other people, because I am very happy with the treatments and outcome.



"I just get the feeling that Dr. Steve and the Staff care about my health, and me as a person.  I don't feel like I'm being rushed in and out of my visit.



"I would refer other people I know to Dr. Steve, because he is good at what he does and makes you feel like family."



"I give Life Family Chiropractic Centres all excellent rating and would refer other patients because my pain was taken care of and Dr. Steve takes extra-time and care with me as a patient"


"Dr. Steve is very thorough and your staff is very nice and friendly.  You make sure I understand everything and care about my total health" 


"Not having been a confirmed believer in the benefits of chiropractic care , I now have the understanding of how good your back and body can feeel with a single adjustment."



"Dr. Steve and his staff are wonderful and do a great job!"



"I appreciate the complete package of care, respect and service I received at this office.!"  Kim

"Excellent place for chiropractice care adjustments, with good procedures, answers and explanations. " Jeremy


"Everything is explained thoroughly."  Jacob

give an overall excellent rating as you are really taken care of at Life Family Chiropractic, and it's more than just chiropractic stuff."  Ashley